December 2022

Accuracy Talks Straight #6 – Start-up stories

Romain Proglio
Partner, Accuracy


Created at the end of 2017 by its three founders, and armed with four years of research and development, Wintics positions itself as the specialist in intelligent video analysis for mobility operators. The company markets its analytical products to four types of mobility infrastructure operator: regional public authorities, public transport operators, airports and ports.

For regional public authorities, the start-up has developed a particularly innovative artificial intelligence software solution (called Cityvision), which can connect automatically to any camera, whether optical or thermal, old or new, in order to extract large amounts of data on mobility, the safety of public spaces and urban cleanliness. For example, the software is able to analyse cycle path traffic and use in order to help the city to organise its mobility.

The solution also enables its clients to manage their infrastructure in real time, for example, by transferring the data collected and analysed by Wintics to the trafficlight system, helping to improve the flow of traffic in a highly targeted way.

For transport operators, Wintics provides the opportunity to visualise in real time movement flows and the level of passenger traffic. Airport operators are able, for example, to supervise the various passenger flows arriving on site and to facilitate their movement around the airport thanks to the realtime management of queues at check-in desks and passport control.

Wintics is positioning itself as an innovative and strategic solution to make cities greener by prioritising the development of soft mobility, the attractiveness of public transport and the improvement of travel flows. The camera has become a management tool for an efficient and safer urban environment.

Wintics is an entirely French company that proposes a solution 100% made in France. It won the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Paris Grand Prize for Innovation, was certified by the Greentech Innovation label and in 2020 joined the best artificial intelligence start-ups in Europe in mobility. Together, the Wintics experts (around 15 today) have already completed various projects in over 30 French cities.

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