Accuracians founding Accur’Involved

Accur’Involved was founded in 2013 by Accuracians and is managed by Accuracians in order to offer Accuracy and all interested parties the opportunity to support social projects they care about in a flexible yet professional way.

Over the years, our organisation has grown and we are pleased to now have the involvement and support not only of Accuracians, but also of friends and family, Accuracy alumni and clients.

Accur’Involved supports children and adolescents in need

We believe that every child has the fundamental right to grow up in a protected and loving environment, free from violence and poverty. Our vision is to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and offer them hope as well as a perspective for the future.

Since our foundation, we have supported a number of projects that are particularly close to our hearts, in which we feel that we can really make a difference with the skills, time and funds that we contribute. These projects have ranged from providing support to disadvantaged children from a rural area in Ecuador as part of our first project, “Achikilla”.

We aim to find a balance between projects ‘on our doorstep’ that are local to the Accuracy offices worldwide, as well as projects in regions where children face significantly worse conditions than where we are and therefore have a particular need for our support. For this we carefully select our cooperation partners according to our standards.

What Accur’Involved stands for:

Concern for others

We have a genuine and heartfelt interest in the people and the projects we support. We believe that helping others less fortunate than ourselves is an important part of our social responsibility.

Integrity and professionalism

We apply the same, high professional and ethical standards to our not-for-profit activities that we apply to everything else we do.

Personal involvement and commitment

We believe in getting involved  with a ‘hands-on’ mentality. This means not only giving financial support but above all contributing time, ideas, talent and our professional skills where we feel that they make the greatest difference.


We are willing to learn from others and to leave our ‘comfort zone’ in order to find the most effective way of helping people in need.

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