Activity reports

The year 2020 was a year of change, a year of upheaval that required businesses to react and adapt rapidly. In light of the global economic context, with every major country affected at a given point in time, the Accuracy integrated model proved, once again, to be flexible and resilient in the face of uncertainty, with only a slight decrease in revenue. This resilience was tested throughout the year, with 100 per cent of our staff across our 18 offices working remotely for a number of weeks, if not months. Despite disparities in the local measures imposed in different countries, we continued to work and function together as one team, as one firm. Navigating the wilderness, this unknown territory, is effectively a new skill that we developed this year.

More than ever, we continue to stand at our clients’ sides in these uncertain times: for the issues they encounter, the opportunities they want to seize, the renegotiations they face, the disputes and fraud they suffer, and the objective financial advice they need. We are also here to assist them in their projects on acquisitions, disposals, development and business performance improvement. Each of these situations varies greatly depending on the sector; each case is unique. But in all circumstances, we stand with our clients.

Our global recruitment and investment drive continued in 2020. We did not forego our efforts in any area. This is why in 2021 Accuracy emerges stronger than it ever has been, with the right tools and people in place to provide unwavering support to all our clients. Indeed, 2021 has already got off to a good start, with a variety of significant and stimulating projects, and we look forward to discovering the paths that will lead us through the rest of the year.