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Sport dans la ville

Accuracy : a partner of the "Sport dans la Ville" association

Accuracy is proud to have been supporting the "Sport dans la Ville" (Sports in the City) association since 2009 by sponsoring the "Golden Goal" inter-company football competition held at the Parc des Princes. During this tournament, our football team "Les Burgundies" meet the opposing teams for a great moment of fun, sport and camaraderie!

"Sport dans la Ville" is a nonprofit association that was founded in Lyons in 1998. Its purpose is to encourage social and professional interaction amongst young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, usually through sports. For 12 years, the association has been working to encourage the personal development of youngsters through the creation of sports centres in urban neighbourhoods.

The activities of Sport dans la Ville focus on three themes:

  • Sporting programmes enabling young people to take part in team sports for free
  • International exchange and discovery programmes
  • Professional development programmes and business start-up assistance

For further information, please visit the association's website :