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Cunef Emprende

Accuracy collaborates on the project Cunef-ê conducted by CUNEF University

CUNEF-ê is a nonprofit programme which aims to support and guide students in the entrepreneurial field and thus develop their projects and ideas through punctual or permanent assessment. The best projects win an economic prize, ranging from €3,000 to €6,000. Accuracy supports this initiative by:

  • Incorporating a Senior Manager at Accuracy on to the Assessment Board, comprised of professionals with sound prestige in the business banking and private equity sectors
  • Giving an initial assessment of all projects, with support on technical questions and organisation of the projects.
  • Reviewing the projects presented, in order to  evaluate their robustness and suitability in the long run, and in short-listing potential candidates for a prize.
  • Following up and supporting the founders of some of the projects rewarded.

This is our way to share our own experience with new entrepreneurs.

For further information (in Spanish only):

Cunef Emprende