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Carbon Action

Sustainable development "Carbon Action"

Accuracy is extremely serious in considering how our activities might impact upon the environment, as we understand that every economic activity generates an environmental “footprint.”

We are fully aware that our activities, which include travel, affect the natural environment. Thus, since 2008, Accuracy has been participating in a programme involving the voluntary offsetting of its greenhouse gas emissions. The "Carbon Action" programme is promoted by the "Good Planet" foundation which was established in 2005 and currently chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

This is a responsible, community minded, nonprofit programme, which encourages companies, institutions and private individuals to be proactive in reducing and offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is for companies to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, run by NGOs in various countries so that we can pool our resources to fight climate change.

These projects include:

  • The production and distribution of solar-powered stoves in the Andean nations (Bolivia and Peru),
  • The construction of biogas reservoirs in China,
  • The construction of biogas reservoirs and the production of earthworm compost in India,
  • The recycling of household waste and the production of compost for agricultural use in Madagascar,
  • The production of "green coal" in Senegal.

Beyond their carbon-reducing aspects, the projects supported by the Carbon Action programme combine environmental, economic and social advantages for the local populations that benefit from these measures, including a better quality of life, greater purchasing power  and the creation of new jobs as part of a comprehensive sustainable development policy.