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Business principles

Business principles

1. "Client First"

Client service is our top priority and the key to our success.
Our consultants are completely committed to providing our clients with high-quality, insightful services and reports while maintaining total confidentiality.

2. "Independence: our raison d’être"

Accuracy was created in response to the need for an independent player in various fields of financial expertise. As an independent firm, our work is not subject to regulation, we never work for multiple clients within a single transaction and we stringently avoid any conflict of interest. Maintaining this independence guarantees the quality of our work and conclusions.

3. "Think straight, Talk straight

High standards in our rationale and the way we present ourselves are vital to ensuring that our work is of value to our clients. These high standards are reflected in our work and ability to provide our clients with support in some of the most difficult situations.

4. "Not the Biggest One, the Only One"

Our goal is not to become the biggest player in our sector.
Instead, the strategy is to build a firm which offers excellence and services of unrivalled quality, provided by consultants with exceptional technical and communication skills.

5. "One Firm / One Partnership"

Our teams in various countries share their clients, assignments and experiences. Our professionals attend joint training sessions and seminars which encourage teamwork and reinforce consistent work standards, thereby ensuring that our clients are guaranteed Accuracy quality in every project. The philosophy and values of Accuracy Worldwide receive the full support of our partners. Indeed, they function as partners, but do not have detailed individual performance indicators, nor can they sell their shares, ensuring the long-term success of our firm and its values.

6. "Experience, Expertise & Innovation"

Our teams are grouped by their areas of expertise, although our professionals can move flexibly between teams and groups. Our work is not compartmentalised and neither are our teams, instead, our professionals share their knowledge and experience in various types of situations. As a result, they develop a broader view of issues and are encouraged to seek out innovative solutions for our clients.

7. "A Great Firm for Great Careers"

Our model requires the recruitment, retention and motivation of the best professionals in our field. We have designed Accuracy’s corporate culture to offer our employees an optimal work-environment: intense training, minimal bureaucracy, constant feedback,  positive expectations, teamwork and an emphasis on a good work-life balance.