Expert witness

The client's situation

A client is involved in a high-stakes arbitration procedure. Over and above the proceedings and the associated legal arguments, our client and his lawyers require a team of experts to analyse the contractual relationship from an economic and financial viewpoint, to carry out an objective assessment of the losses incurred by the parties, to draw up detailed conclusions from the various analyses and inquiries carried out, and to present their findings as witnesses during the scheduled hearings.

The solution proposed by Accuracy

  • We can organise a team well versed in arbitration practices, specialised in the specific industrial sector, and aware of  the relevant technical issues (i.e., litigation concerning a merger/acquisition, a breach of contract, or an assessment of intangible assets, etc).
  • We adapt the structure of this team to address the amount of information to be absorbed and analysed and the constraints imposed by the timetable for the proceedings.
  • We draft our conclusions, offering several levels of detail, ensuring a clear link between these conclusions and the analysis of the facts.
  • We give evidence, never losing sight of the need to be precise and to operate as a clear and informative source of information

The Accuracy difference

  • Our practices are widely recognised in the arbitration field. We have an extensive knowledge of the procedural environment and its requirements in terms of both form and content.
  • Our capacity to assemble multidisciplinary teams capable of analysing the dispute from all angles.
  • The ongoing care we take to ensure the presentation of accurate conclusions presented in a clear manner to ensure that they are easily understood by people who may not be specialists in the fields concerned.