Restructuring means making crucial decisions… and that's where we come in.

Your situation

Your company is faced with cyclical or structural difficulties that require you to make rapid and often far-reaching decisions with major implications for your business.

How we can help

We can provide you with our proven expertise in crisis management involving restructuring or reorganisation. We can contribute all of the economic, financial, and accounting skills you need in such situations.

Effective support, no matter how serious the situation

Our teams can assist you in the following situations:

  • Economic underperformance vis-a-vis forecasts
  • A significant decrease in the level of booked orders
  • Cash flow requirements
  • Structural deficits
  • Tensions between shareholders
  • The loss of support/confidence from third parties (clients, suppliers or financial partners)
  • Company paralysis due to a shift of focus to the crisis (lack of decision-making)
  • The launch of collective legal proceedings
  • Restructuring of your portfolio of activities
  • Major industrial or corporate restructuring

A multi-skilled team covering all of your requirements

Our teams include specialists fully skilled in accountancy, financial analysis, assessment, modelling, economic analysis, and market quantification. In addition to specialists in crisis management, these teams also benefit from the skills of experts in the fields of transaction support, disputes and arbitration, market analyses, valuation, and financial modelling.
This multi-skilled approach provides a richer and more comprehensive response to the numerous challenges faced during these situations:

  • The drafting of an economic and financial assessment determining the origin and scale of your difficulties
  • Determination of operating cash flow requirements and your corresponding financing requirements
  • Confirmation of the effectiveness and impact of the operational and financial measures introduced.