Full support with crucial litigation.

Your situation

Your company is involved in a dispute and the stakes are high.
Beyond the legal arguments, the key points for the optimal resolution of this dispute are an analysis and presentation of the facts, consideration of the dispute from an economic viewpoint, and a financial assessment of the losses incurred.

How we can help

Extensive expertise in dispute resolution and arbitration

We can provide you with expert teams in disputes and arbitration who operate by using their tried and trusted methods:

  • In-depth assessment work including the economic, financial, and accounting aspects,
  • An approach which places importance on a detailed and well-argued presentation of the problem. This work is carried out objectively and is intended to make it easier for the arbitrators to reach a decision,
  • Reports, including summarised and detailed versions, a summary of the method used, and a detailed description and presentation of the key factors,
  • An ability to present our conclusions orally and to answer any questions from the opposing party and his assessors or experts.

Support for all types of dispute resolution

Accuracy's experts participate in various forms of dispute resolution:

They can also help you respond to cases of actual or suspected fraud.

Multi-skilled teams

Our teams include fully skilled specialists in accountancy, financial analysis, assessment, modelling, economic analysis, and market quantification. In addition to having specialists in dispute resolution and arbitration, these teams benefit from the skills of experts in the fields of transaction support, competition issues, and market operations.

This multi-skilled approach provides for a richer and more comprehensive response to the numerous challenges to be faced during disputes:

  • An economic view of contractual relationships, which accompanies the legal approach to the problem
  • An ability to reconstitute a hypothetical economic situation (the but-for approach) and to relate this to the losses incurred by the parties
  • The inclusion of accounting, economic and financial analysis skills needed to understand post-acquisition litigation and conflicts involving the republishing of accounts.