Acquiring a company, maximising wealth creation while simultaneously minimising risks.

Your situation

You are looking to acquire all or part of the equity in a company, whilst maximising value creation and at the same time, minimising risk taking - which can be a critical and complex operation. In addition to your in-house teams, it also requires the contribution of a range of external skills.

How we can help

We can provide you with our extensive, proven expertise in this field, coupled with our highly original and tailored approach.

We can support you throughout the acquisition process (from the initial contacts with the target acquisition through to its integration within your group.

We will deploy all of the economic, financial and accounting resources you need, in order to offer you a comprehensive response.

Support at every stage of the acquisition process

Accuracy's experts can make a valuable contribution during the following phases:

A multi-skilled team covering all of your requirements

Our teams include fully skilled specialists in accountancy, financial analysis, assessment, modelling, economic analysis and market quantification. In addition to specialists in transaction support, these teams also benefit from the skills of experts in the fields of dispute resolution and arbitration, competition issues and market operations.

This multi-skilled approach provides for a richer and more comprehensive response to the numerous challenges to be faced during an acquisition:

  • Greater coherence between the anticipated change in turnover and changes in the cost structure
  • Tighter integration between the conclusions of the due diligence process and the evaluation of the target business
  • The prevention of possible litigation due to a "litigation focused " analysis of the acquisition agreement
  • Replies to requests issued by the competition authorities
  • Taking full account of the various constraints inherent to market operations.

We can also integrate and coordinate the work of other consultants and advisers (including lawyers and tax or environmental experts) necessary to carrying out a thorough analysis of the target business.

A high level of expertise and experience in the environment for transactions of this kind

Accuracy's teams have been involved in numerous acquisitions (in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia) of all sizes, including the following scenarios:

  • LBOs (large and mid-cap)
  • Acquisition on behalf of industrial or service sector groups and of financial institutions
  • Acquisition on behalf of sovereign funds
  • Takeover bids or exchange offers
  • The acquisition of minority shareholdings
  • The acquisition of companies in difficulty