Valuation & Fairness Opinion

Assisting with your complex valuations and financial modelling needs.

Our expertise

Our specialised Valuation & Fairness Opinion teams can help secure your operations (including legal and fiscal reorganisations, the transfer of shares among shareholders, accounting options, and market transactions), in addition to assisting you with complex valuations, simulations and financial modelling.

At your service in a wide variety of situations

We can assist you in the following situations:

Valuations for tax purposes
During your reorganisation activities (the addition of new business lines or intra-group subsidiary transfers), our experts can develop valuations that will form the basis for these transactions, securing them from a fiscal viewpoint.

Asset valuations
Our teams will prepare or review your corporate or family asset valuations, making it possible to determine the references to be used during share transfers.

Valuations for accounting purposes
We can confirm the valuations entered for the closure of accounts including: the allocation of acquisition prices, asset depreciation test, and share-based payments. These assessments can also focus on a portfolio of activities within the perimeter in question (i.e. the statement of the adjusted book value of an investment company).

The valuation of intangible assets
Our teams can help you to assess the value of your intangible assets (patents, trademarks, licences and goodwill, etc.) in preparation for the sale or protection of these assets.

Fairness report
Our experts in the fairness assessment field are recognised by the market authorities and can assist with your issue operations of squeeze-out shares or bonds, and more generally, in all cases required by stock market regulations.

The valuation of derivatives
Our teams are specialised in the valuation of derivatives (options, futures, etc.). We have created Accur’Option®, an innovative valuation model for all types of options for unlisted companies.

Financial modelling
We can assist you in the construction of complex financial models which can be used for simulations, sensitivity analyses and the valuation of projects based on real options.

A multidisciplinary team

According to the nature of the situation, our V&FO specialists also call upon the experience of our specialists from other activities (including Transaction Support & Advisory, Forensics, Litigation & Arbitration, Corporate Recovery Services, Economics & Business Analysis) to offer a richer and more comprehensive response to your problems.