Transaction Support & Advisory

Supporting you through each stage of your corporate acquisition and disposal operations.

Our expertise

Our specialised Transaction Support & Advisory team contributes to each stage of your business acquisition and transfer projects. It also carries out assessments of the financial situation and performance of a company, an activity, or a contract, in order to help you make your decisions with thorough knowledge of the facts.

At your service in a wide variety of situations

We work closely with your in-house teams to provide support for you in the following situations:

External growth transactions
Our specialists are able to contribute during all stages of the acquisition process. They provide their in-depth knowledge of the sensitive economic and financial aspects of a transaction including buy-side due diligence, market reviews, preparation of the business plan, valuations, assistance with the negotiation of financial terms, the absorption of the target acquisition within the parent group, and the management of post-acquisition situations.

Disposal of a subsidiary, a branch or an activity
During the sale a subsidiary, business line, or activity, our teams can participate from the beginning in order to identify the likely risks and opportunities of the project.  Subsequently, they can carry out the necessary economic and financial analyses including: perimeter definition, historical analyses, business plan preparation or review, and the drafting of the Vendor Due Diligence document. We can also provide support during the disposal process and work with you to manage the information supplied to potential acquirers.

Financial control of a subsidiary, branch or activity
We help companies improve the control exerted over their activities including the financial assessment of subsidiaries and the analysis of risks pertaining to a contract, etc.

In the case of a unit experiencing difficulties, we can also carry out a detailed assessment of the previous, current, and forward-looking situations; work with you to draw up a recovery plan (restructuring or disposal, etc); and assist you with its implementation.

The economic and financial aspects of disputes and litigation
Working with your legal officers and lawyers, our specialists, who are familiar with merger/acquisition operations and disputes or arbitration, will help you to analyse the economic, accounting and financial aspects of post-acquisition litigation.

Complex projects
We can assist you when a situation requires detailed financial skills (including financial modelling, scenario preparation, calculation of the current net value and profitability) concerning replies to tenders, the financing of projects or investments, lease-back or asset carve-out operations, off-balance sheet commitments or outsourcing, etc.

A multidisciplinary team

According to the situation in question, our TS&A specialists draw upon the skills of our other activities (including Forensics, Litigation & Arbitration, Valuation & Fairness Opinion, Corporate Recovery Services, or Economics & Business Analysis) to offer a rich and comprehensive response to your problems.