Forensics, Litigation & Arbitration

Intervening in pre-litigation situations, disputes and fraud cases.

Our expertise

Our specialised Forensics Litigation & Arbitration teams provide support to your legal advisors and lawyers during litigation or at the pre-litigation stage, and in cases of actual or suspected fraud.

At your service in a wide variety of situations

Support on all kinds of disputes

Our experts utilise their economic, financial and accounting expertise in all kinds of litigation situations:

They are involved in numerous forms of conflict resolution procedures:

A flexible response

Our specialists in Forensics, Litigation & Arbitration will adapt their services according to the nature of the dispute and your requirements:

  • An expert witness
    At the request of one of the parties, we can issue an assessment report analysing the facts from an economic, accounting, and financial viewpoint including the presentation of a loss assessment. This report is submitted to the court and presented at hearings, during which we give evidence concerning the work carried out, the observed situation and our conclusions.
  • An independent expert
    We carry out our services at the request of the court or under the terms of a joint mandate issued by the parties. We produce a report that can be used by the court when making its decisions or serve as the basis for a conflict resolution settlement between the parties.
  • Information for legal proceedings
    The purpose of our work is to provide you and your lawyers with a clear overview of the economic, accounting and financial challenges of the litigation. Our conclusions will be included in your statements to the court or your lawyers’ submissions.

A multidisciplinary team

According to the nature of the situation, our specialised FL&A teams also draw upon the experience of our other activities (including Transaction Support & Advisory, Valuation & Fairness Opinion, Corporate Recovery Services and Economics & Business Analysis) to offer a richer and more comprehensive response to your problems.