Economics & Business Analysis

Analysing a company's markets, comparing marketing data and preparing or analysing business plans.

Our expertise

Our specialised Economics & Business Analysis teams provide assistance to your M&A activities, dispute resolution and general analytical requirements. They analyse your company's markets by comparing or analysing all existing marketing data and they can also prepare or review your business plan.

At your service in a wide variety of situations

Market segmentation and dynamics
Our economic analysis experts will assist you with the collection, analysis and understanding of market data, which can include the size of the market and its segments, its outlook, the market share of the various key players, as well as the prevailing prices and trends.

Analysis of investment opportunities
Our teams carry out integrated financial and strategic due diligence searches.  The integration of skills allows shared and comprehensive recommendations on the investment opportunity as well as series of harmonised target market and company figures.

Determination of the strategic direction of a Group or any of its subsidiaries
Accuracy supports strategic thinking by management about the Group, its business portfolio or any of its skills.

Preparation and critical review of the business plan
Whether your business plan focuses on external growth or internal management requirements, we can help you prepare these plans and critically review them if needed. We analyse the relevance of revenue forecasts in comparison with market data and the coherence of sales growth estimates, while taking in to account the changes in cost structure.

Documents supplied to the competition authorities
During your acquisitions, we can assist you in the collecting and analysing of market data to supply to the competition authorities, and help you to prepare your arguments (Competition clearance).

Market modelling
We carry out the modelling of your company's markets using a statistical approach to determine the various factors influencing changes in your business. We can also help simulate market activity based on various hypotheses (But-For scenarios).

Ensuring the consistency of the company’s market data
In order to enhance your ability to assess your company's situation, our experts in the field of market data employ the "One Set of Figures" approach. This will help you ensure the consistency the company’s accounting data, internal information derived from financial and marketing announcements and publications, and external data derived from competitors or from databases.

A multidisciplinary team

Accuracy assigns a specialist team to handle the nature of the situation and your expectations, and to deal with your problems most effectively. The range of our skills covers strategy, the economy, finance and accounting and applies to Transaction Support & Advisory, Forensics, Litigation & Arbitration, Valuation & Fairness Opinions and Corporate Recovery Services).