Corporate Recovery Services

Intervening in potential or actual crisis situations.

Our expertise

Our specialised Corporate Recovery Services teams operate in potential and actual crisis situations. They help managers, shareholders, creditors, and official receivers clearly analyse these situations and make the right decisions.

At your service in a wide variety of situations

At your service in a wide variety of situations:

Our experts apply their economic, financial and accounting expertise in the following situations:

Analyses of underperforming businesses
We conduct a financial analysis of the business’s financial situation, its market, and its future outlook, as well as helping you to understand the nature of the difficulties and their level of importance.

An independent review of the financial situation
Our teams can assist you during your renegotiations with banks by carrying out Independent Business Reviews. These in-depth reviews of past and projected financial situations enable managers, shareholders and banks to define the basis for their renegotiation of financing terms.

Assistance for managers of companies in difficulty
We can help managers fully appreciate a business’s difficulties by providing an independent analysis of its situation. We help them find potential solutions and make the right decisions in a crisis environment that may be unfamiliar to them.

The end of an unprofitable activity
Our teams centralise information, draft the necessary documents (teasers, information memorandum, Financial Fact Book, etc.) and set up data rooms. They can also help manage the disposal or transfer process.

The consequences of major restructuring
Whether social or industrial in nature, these restructuring projects significantly affect the company’s income profile and cost structure. Our teams will help you prepare a business plan that takes full account of these restructuring activities and, where necessary, draw up historical pro forma information.




Acquisition of a company in difficulty
We can provide assistance for anyone acquiring a distressed company by carrying out due diligence for the target company and advising on the most attractive acquisition scenarios (particularly in the event of bankruptcy or legal rehabilitation).

A multidisciplinary team

According to the nature of the situation, our specialised CRS teams also draw upon the experience of our other specialists (including Transaction Support & Advisory, Forensics, Litigation & Arbitration, Valuation & Fairness Opinions, Economics & Business Analysis) to offer a richer and more comprehensive response to your problems.