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Presentation service offerings

Supporting you through each stage of your corporate acquisition and disposal operations.


Presentation service offerings

Intervening in pre-litigation situations, disputes and fraud cases.


Presentation service offerings

Assisting with your complex valuations and financial modelling needs.


Presentation service offerings

Analysing a company's markets, comparing marketing data and preparing or analysing business plans.






The Accuracy teams make their economic, accounting, and financial expertise available to companies and investment funds during critical phases of their operations:

  • Acquisition of businesses;
  • Disposal of businesses;
  • Litigation and arbitration;
  • Restructuring;
  • Important decisions that require a complex financial analysis.

To meet the needs of businesses, Accuracy has grouped its skills around five service offerings:

As shown in the matrix above, these service offerings are combined to address all of the challenges businesses encounter.

Disposing of a shareholding and maximising wealth creation while minimising risks.

Your situation

You would like to dispose of your equity position in a company, while simultaneously maximising value creation and minimising risk-taking.
The three key factors to be managed during the disposal process are the value of the assets sold, effective time management of the process, and the management of guarantees and other unfinanced risks.
The successful optimisation of these three factors requires a great deal of preparatory work by the vendor.

How we can help

We can provide you with our proven expertise in these types of operations, in addition to our unique and tailored approach.

We can support you throughout the disposal process.

We will deploy all of the economic, financial, and accounting resources you need in order to offer you a comprehensive response.

Support at every stage of the disposal process

Accuracy's experts can assist you during the following phases:

A multi-skilled team covering all of your requirements

Our teams include specialists fully skilled in accountancy, financial analysis, valuation, modelling, economic analysis, and market quantification. The teams also call upon the skills of our experts in the post-acquisition litigation field.
This multi-skilled approach provides for a richer and more comprehensive response to the numerous challenges to be faced during an asset transfer or disposal:

  • A closer link between the business plan and current market trends
  • Stronger coherence between the anticipated change in turnover and changes in the cost structure
  • The preparation of the necessary files and documents enabling the company to defend itself in the event that guarantees are invoked.

We can also integrate and coordinate the work of other consultants and advisers (including legal, tax or environmental experts) that have been contracted to carry out a thorough analysis of the target business.

A high level of expertise and experience in transactions of this kind


Accuracy's teams have been involved in numerous transfer/disposal operations, including the following situations: