Assistance to distressed business (automotive business)


  • An automotive company with a turnover of 300 million Euros was experiencing financial problems
  • The company needed to restructure its financial resources (by increasing the equity portion in order to attract new financing and to pre-finance key contracts)

Our role

  • We drew up short-term operating and cash flow forecasts in order to identify any possible looming cash flow problems
  • Working with the management, we developed a business plan model making it possible for the company to simulate various scenarios
  • We proposed several restructuring scenarios to the group, including details of their financial impacts
  • We handled the coordination and management of Question & Answer sessions with possible partners
  • We helped the management to negotiate with the industrial partner concerned, and calculated the necessary financing requirements
  • We put together a 10-year business plan modelling the negotiated liability repayment conditions.


  • All of this work made it possible to attract a new industrial partner

Value added for our client

  • All the expertise of a team offering a wide range of key skills needed to anticipate and respond to the expectations of the various participants
  • The capacity to analyse and model financial information
  • An in-depth knowledge of the various debt restructuring methods
  • A clear and factual presentation of financial data to the various investors and their advisers