Fraud investigation


  • Our client was a multinational corporation operating in the retail (B2B) sector.
  • It had recently discovered a situation involving white-collar fraud by a senior executive.
  • The company had incurred a substantial loss (nearly €10 million).

Our role

  • The company engaged Accuracy to conduct an analysis of the fraudulent transactions.
  • We were responsible for:
    • Documenting the fraud;
    • Assessing the financial loss incurred by the company;
    • Drafting a report detailing the facts for the company’s board of directors.
  • We were also asked to participate in the criminal investigation carried out by the French judicial police after the company lodged its complaint.


  • The senior executive was convicted and sentenced for fraud.

Value added for our client

  • Our expertise in forensic accounting and fraud investigations.
  • Our ability to efficiently process and analyse significant volumes of data.
  • Our clear presentation of our findings to the company’s board members.
  • Our ability to work in close collaboration with judicial police investigators.